Five Installations You Must See At The Dumas Art Project

VR Surat transforms into a veritable art gallery for the Dumas Art Project 2015 from March 20 to April 12, 2015. If you haven’t had the chance to see this wonderful collection of art yet, here are five installations created by some of the most prominent and promising artists from across India, which you absolutely mustn’t miss.

Moxie Media VR Dumas 2-3

The Reverie Wagon (Cart of Hope) created by artist Aswad Sheikh references the humble handcart. The aim of this installation, Sheikh explains, is to make people understand that what they may see as trash might be a treasure for someone else.

Moxie Media VR Dumas 2-5

The Mudra (Hand) designed by Nayanjeet Nikam and Om Creations Trust represents the Swach Mumbai campaign, which aims to keep the city’s residential and public areas clean.

Moxie Media VR Dumas 2-2

Artists Reha Shishodia and Nayanjeet Nikam have conceptualized the Tree Of Life. It symbolizes wisdom, protection, beauty, redemption, abundance, strength and the grace of God.

Moxie Media VR Dumas 2-4

This life-sized installation of a camel was created with jute by Rajendra Chavan and Mukesh Mestry. Titled Touch The Life, this sculpture is embedded with taps to highlight the cause of water conservation.

Moxie Media VR Dumas 2-6

Artist Sumeeta Patil endeavours to create awareness about the importance of being united in India with a tromp l’oeil piece called Jana Gana Mana – Touch Everyone’s Heart.

Moxie Media VR Dumas 2-1

Artists Uttara Joshi, Anjum Motiwala and Deepti Nair created this modern sculpture called Contrapuntal – Melodies in Touch to depict singular forms and synchronous thoughts.

VR Surat invitees you to make the most of this unique experience where art comes alive in the heart of the city.